Install Google Drive

Installing Google Drive on a Student iPad and Signing In

Before you begin, make sure the device you are using has a Passcode. The Google Drive app will not work on a device without a Passcode. You can find instructions for setting this on a student iPad here: Setting Your Passcode

1. Tap on Self Service. On K-2 devices, this can be found in the Info folder.

2. Find the app named Google Drive and tap on Install.

3. The app will install on the iPad. On K-2 devices, it can be found in the Create folder. Tap on the Google Drive icon.

3. The first time you launch the app, you will need to sign in. Tap on Sign in.

5. A popup will appear saying that Drive wants to use to sign in. Tap on Continue.

6. Enter your email address if it doesn't already appear, and tap on Next.

7. Enter your password and tap on Next. Your Google Drive will load.

If you need to upload a file, read the article Upload Files to Google Drive