Google Meet

How to Use Google Meet

Signing In to Google Meet

  1. Tap on the Class folder on the home screen of your iPad

  2. Tap on the Meet app

  3. Tap on Continue

  4. The app will ask if you want to allow access to the microphone. Tap on OK.

  5. The app will ask if you want to allow access to the camera. Tap on OK.

  6. Enter your email address ( and tap on Next

  7. Enter your school password and tap on Next

  8. You are signed in and can join meetings.

Joining a Google Meet

  1. Tap on Join a Meeting

  2. Type in the meeting nickname that your teacher has given you (this is usually the teacher's first initial followed by their last name) and tap on Join

  3. You will see your video start and options to join the meeting. Nobody can see or hear you until you tap on Join.

  4. You have options to turn off video or mute yourself before joining. Muting yourself is highly recommended. You can always unmute yourself later.

  5. Tap on Join when you are ready to join the meeting.

Options in Google Meet

Once you are in the Google Meet, you have several options available that you can find by tapping on the screen. This will pull up a menu from the bottom:

  • Tap on the red button that looks like a phone to leave the meeting

  • Tap on the camera icon to turn your camera on or off

  • Tap on the microphone to mute or unmute yourself

  • Tap on the three dots to see more options, like to share your screen or view chat

When you are ready to leave the meeting, tap on the red button to end the call. You will see an option to rate the sound and video quality. This is optional, but gives us data that we can use to pinpoint problems.